Pest Control Changes Lives

Pest Control is about so much more than just killing bugs. It’s about creating safe, healthy environments where people live and work. It’s about helping people and solving complex problems. It can also be quite challenging! Pest Daily’s own Seth Garber has a few words of encouragement for you.

  • Remember, your role is one of the most important roles in the company.

  • Learn why pest control is such an exciting industry to be a part of right now!

  • Let Seth remind you of the difference you’re making every day just by doing what you do.

Not a ton of learning, just some inspiration! Enjoy.

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    Motivation Overview

    • Just a quick overview (No Video)

  • 2

    Office Team - Win!

    • Office Team

  • 3

    For Owners - Lead!

    • Owners

  • 4

    Service Team

    • Service Team

  • 5

    Sales Team!

    • Make it happen!

Course Instructor


Seth Garber

Seth has been involved in the pest control industry since 2008 in multiple capacities including and Owner, Investor, Technology Provider and Consultant. Seth has successfully assisted dozens of pest control companies in achieving exponential growth ranging from 50-300% year/year. As the lead contributor and founder of Pest Daily, Seth is determined to create the most holistic business learning platform in the industry.

Our Commitment

"If there is a pest control business course you would like to see developed. Simply ask and we will make it happen! Seriously!