Practical Ways to Turn Your Team into a Performance Powerhouse

Taking your team to the next level requires focused effort. In this insightful course, brought to you by our friends at Evolve YT, expert Sarah Latyn shares specific ways to transform any team member into a high performer and rid yourself of the daily busy work that seems to take up all your time.

  • Learn how to conduct a 10/5/3 exercise to set clear career goals with each team member.

  • Discover three methods to observe team members and ensure they’re focused on the most important activities that drive success.

  • Grow team members using specific Key Measures of Success, even if they plan to leave your company someday!

Course Instructor

Training and Quality Assurance - Evolve YT

Sarah Latyn

Sarah Latyn, has been passionate about both bugs and helping people for as long as she can remember. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University in Biological Sciences with a minor in Entomology. In 2018, she received her Master of Business and Science degree with a focus on Global Agriculture from Rutgers University to address food insecurity throughout the world. Sarah has also extended her quality training into Evolve YT’s course offerings where she is responsible for educating students on leadership tactics and tools to help them grow as professionals. When she isn’t working or studying, Sarah loves to shop, workout, sit on the beach, and hangout with her cats. Currently, Sarah is pursuing her Master of Science in Entomology at the University of Kentucky.

Lessons in building a powerhouse team!

Sarah does an outstanding job keeping this course fun and thought provoking.

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