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Build a Great CSR Team in a Few Easy Steps

When it comes to your business success, who you have handling customer service matters. In fact, CSRs are often the #1 indicator for how far your business can grow. They are the voice of your organization and often the first impression customers have when interacting with your company! This course shares simple steps required to build an incredible CSR team who will win for you every day.

  • Learn to write job descriptions that will really speak to the perfect CSRs for your business.

  • Build out a workflow that helps reduce redundancy and sets new CSRs up for success.

  • Train your CSRs to handle objections and what to do in every scenario.

  • Keep your best CSRs by helping them see career potential with your company!

Course Instructor


Seth Garber

Seth has been involved in the pest control industry since 2008 in multiple capacities including and Owner, Investor, Technology Provider and Consultant. Seth has successfully assisted dozens of pest control companies in achieving exponential growth ranging from 50-300% year/year. As the lead contributor and founder of Pest Daily, Seth is determined to create the most holistic business learning platform in the industry.

What you will learn!

  1. 1
    • Developing a CSR Introduction

    • How to Develop a CSR

  2. 2
    • Creating the Right Job Description

    • Develop Workflows

    • Scripting for Each Scenario

    • Customer Questions and Objections

    • Certified

    • Developing a Career Path

    • Training

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