Solving the Most Common Customer Service Issues

When it comes to customer service reps, have you ever felt that some people just get it and others don’t? Well, what if you had a training program that could help you make sure every customer service representative you have is prepared to handle customer concerns (yes, even the wacky questions) in an efficient way? That’s exactly what this course is designed to do!

  • Learn standard operating procedures so that when customer calls come in, everyone knows just what to do.

  • Go through common service, billing, and animal control scenarios, complete with easy solutions.

  • Be confident that your team will be able to handle customer concerns in the most efficient way going forward.

Course Instructor


Seth Garber

Seth has been involved in the pest control industry since 2008 in multiple capacities including and Owner, Investor, Technology Provider and Consultant. Seth has successfully assisted dozens of pest control companies in achieving exponential growth ranging from 50-300% year/year. As the lead contributor and founder of Pest Daily, Seth is determined to create the most holistic business learning platform in the industry.

Learn the most common questions customer ask

  1. 1
    • 207.1 – CSR Scenario Training Introduction

  2. 2
    • Where Is My Technician?

    • When Is My Next Service?

    • How Long Until My Technician Will Be Here?

    • I Have Questions About My Last Service

    • I Thought My Technician Was Going to Treat Another Area

    • I Wanted My Technician to Come Inside, Can They Come Back Out?

    • Was My Technician Out Here? I Didn’t See Them.

    • Your Technician Just Did Service, and I Am Still Seeing Ants, Roaches, etc.

    • How Long Does Your Product Take To Work?

    • You Serviced My Account a Couple of Days Ago and Everything Has Gotten Worse

  3. 3
    • I Have Questions About My BIll

    • Can I Pay My Bill?

    • I Thought I Was On Autopay

  4. 4
    • When Will My Technician Be Out For the Exclusion?

    • How Many Animals Did You Trap?

    • Does Your Technician Need to Access the Attic?

    • I Am Still Seeing Activity - Animal Control

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