The Easiest “Crash Course” in Business Finance You’ll Ever Take

Understanding business finance can be daunting…but not when you’ve got an expert in your ear explaining it all to you! In this super quick and easy-to-grasp course, CPA and trusted BKD advisor Jordan Chadwick breaks down the basics in record speed.

  • Learn why a business balance sheet is vital.

  • Calculate a “current ratio” to quickly assess the financial health of your business.

  • Get a breakdown of your income sheet, including gross margins, earnings before interest depreciation amortization (EBITDA), and net income.

  • Learn to use your cash flow statement to look for red flags that might undermine your business’s financial health.

  • Wrap your head around key foundational money matters, and watch your business thrive!

Course Instructor

Managing Consultant

Jordan Chadwick, CPA

Jordan is a managing consultant in the accounting outsourcing services practice at BKD CPAs & Advisors. He provides manager and controller level advisory services for small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. Jordan also assists clients with implementing technologies to streamline business processes such as QuickBooks Online and Jordan has experience in auditing and consulting as well as several years of experience serving as an accounting manager and controller for various organizations.

The course

This is an awesome course that really sums up the basics of business accounting

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    • Learning the basics

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