Add Value and Grow Your Business Fast Through Acquisition

You’re focused on growing your business, and making an acquisition is a quick way to do that—but it involves risk! In this course and under 45 minutes, pest control mergers and acquisitions (MNA) expert Paul Giannamore walks you through the process of purchasing other pest control companies in order to grow your own. He breaks down everything you need to know about how acquisitions in the pest control industry.

  • Whether you’re a buyer or seller, learn key industry insight about the acquisitions process.

  • Understand how to value a business and answer the question, “How much is this business worth?”

  • Follow this specific deal structure and step-by-step guide to get the deal done!

About your instructor

Managing Director

Paul Giannamore

Paul is recognized as the leading global authority on valuation and M&A in the pest control industry by institutional investors, Wall Street equity research analysts and the largest firms in the industry.

Lessons in this course

  1. 1
    • Introduction Lesson

    • Fundamentals of Business Evaluation

  2. 2
    • Standards of Value

  3. 3
    • The Buy Side of M&A Part 1

    • The Buy Side of M&A Part 2

    • The Buy Side of M&A Part 3

    • The Buy Side of M&A Part 4

    • The Buy Side of M&A Part 5

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