Every Success Story Includes Failure

When growing a healthy business, you can almost bet on encountering failure along the way. Failure is just part of success! In this super quick, 10-minute course, our friend and pest expert Matt Eikman (CEO of Abra Kadabra Environmental Services) shares how his pest control organization really started thriving once they learned to turn failure into an opportunity for improvement.

  • How to get through the paralyzing what-if’s, make a decision, and move forward.

  • Parkinson’s Law and how it can help you move toward success faster.

  • Use your goals to keep every discussion on track by asking this simple question.

  • Learn the trick to being okay with—and maybe even excited about—learning through failure.

Course Instructor

CEO, Abra-Kadabra Environmental Services

Matt Eickman

Matt is owner and CEO of Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, based in the Twin Cities. His goals for his business transcend pest control, aiming to provide opportunity for employees, their families and the community through his business. His brand of focused effort plus business humanization has helped his company grow exponentially in the past couple years, and its growth is on pace to continue expanding.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Learning Through Failure Intro

    • Getting Through the What-ifs

    • Parkinson’s Law

    • Using Goals to Speed Up Decision-Making

    • Being Okay with Failure

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