EOS Changes Your Business & Your Life

This course explains exactly what an EOS is and how it can help you change your business and your life. Expert and Certified EOS Implementer Jonathan Bowman leads you through the 6 basic components of EOS and provides you with 2 handy tools for each that help bring EOS to life in your pest control company. You’ll learn how to simplify your business and quickly hit goals that previously seemed out-of-reach!

  • The EOS framework creates an easy-to-follow context that simplifies your business.

  • Learn 12 simple and practical tools that you can implement immediately (whether you implement a full EOS or not)!

  • Set and communicate clear goals with EOS and reach them as fast as possible!

Course Instructor

Certified EOS Implementer

Jonathan Bowman

Jonathan has helped over 25 companies achieve Traction, including his own business. In his Home Care business, when growth stalled following two years on the Fast 50, Jonathan implemented EOS in his company, doubled the business and sold to a private equity company 3 years later. Jonathan credits EOS for saving his company and his marriage and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs live a happier, move fulfilled life and grow a self-sustaining company. He is proud to bring EOS to the pest control industry.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Why An Operating System

  2. 2
    • An Overview Of The Model

    • Vision

    • People

    • Data

    • Issues

    • Process

  3. 3
    • Traction

    • Outro!

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