SBA Lending, Simplified.

SBA loans aren’t just for a mom-and-pop shop that’s just getting its start. These federal government backed loans can be used for a variety of small business needs up to $5 million! Our friend and pest control SBA expert Dave Otteson is here to share savvy secrets for leveraging the SBA loan program in some exciting ways that you probably never thought of before!

  • Learn how SBA loans can be used to grow your business, including acquisition of competitors.

  • How SBA loans can be leveraged for succession planning purposes and internal buyouts.

  • Everything you need to know about the SBA lending process as a pest control business owner (including the specific documentation required)

Course Instructor

VP of Pest Control Lending, Live Oak

Dave Otteson

Vice President of pest control lending at Live Oak, brings over 20 years of SBA financing expertise to the team. He states, “It can be a challenge to find a banker that understands the nuances of the pest control industry and is well-versed in the SBA’s loan programs. With our dedicated team and business model, Live Oak solves that dilemma. While we are early in the venture, we are hearing from our customers that there is a need,”

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • SBA Lending with Dave Otteson Intro

    • What is SBA

    • Documentation Requirements

    • SBA Acquisitions of Pest Control Companies

    • SBA Internal Buyouts

    • SBA Lending - Outro!

  2. 2
    • Business Projections Calculator

    • Pest Control Financing - Presentation

    • Business Buying Guide

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