Maximize You Commercial Business

This course is loaded with great tips to use when selling your pest control services in the commercial space, particularly to retail centers. Much like multiple location accounts (MLAs), retail centers can be a huge boost for your business. In the following lessons, Seth lays out everything you need to make this process painless and valuable for you and your prospective clients. With these tips, you’ll be much more likely to land a huge retail center account that can transform your business.

  • Learn the right things to say during prospecting calls or pitches to get to the decision maker to listen

  • Set appointments that stick, even with chaotic schedules by building value in your company

  • Assist you prospect in defining the success criteria to expand your relationship for all of their properties and tenants

Course Instructor


Seth Garber

Seth has been involved in the pest control industry since 2008 in multiple capacities including and Owner, Investor, Technology Provider and Consultant. Seth has successfully assisted dozens of pest control companies in achieving exponential growth ranging from 50-300% year/year. As the lead contributor and founder of Pest Daily, Seth is determined to create the most holistic business learning platform in the industry.

Time to learn!

Practice these one by one to ensure success

  1. 1
    • Introduction and Course Overview

    • Initial Sales Pitch - 125.15A

    • Setting The Appointment - 125.15B

    • Who Are The Decision Makers - 125.15C

    • Pre-Call Planning Prior To Meeting - 125.15D

    • Questions To Build Value During The Sales Call - 125.15E

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