Drastically Improve Route Density with an HOA

This course gives you the tools you need to land a self-managed HOA account and expand your business once you’re working in the community. A single HOA partnership can truly transform your business and improve your route density—fast!

  • Learn a proven, human approach for building relationships that lead to a productive business partnership with an individual HOA.

  • Master how to empower the board president and members so they see you as a valued partner.

  • Own the process after the sale and grow your business inside the community.

Course Instructor


Seth Garber

Seth has been involved in the pest control industry since 2008 in multiple capacities including and Owner, Investor, Technology Provider and Consultant. Seth has successfully assisted dozens of pest control companies in achieving exponential growth ranging from 50-300% year/year. As the lead contributor and founder of Pest Daily, Seth is determined to create the most holistic business learning platform in the industry.

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  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Understanding Your Prospect

    • The Decision Making Process

    • The Meeting

    • The Decision

    • BONUS - The Value Proposition

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